About Us

IMG_8279Lightgate Chapel International has been in existence for the past 2 years and has been a strong church since it’s inception.


To be a church which is relevant to the community commissioned by the Holy Spirit, Leading people to Christ and guiding believers to maturity.

We want to be a church which rises to the top and help its members to achieve their very best in their lives. We are also a church with a mission for God to do something remarkable in our community

We are committed to bring God’s blessing to our Community and our purpose is not only to share spiritual resources with the community but also meet the physical needs of its people through;

* Home Cell Activities
* Prayer Groups
* Women of Purpose Activities
* Young Adults and Youth Programmes
* Children Activities
* After School Club

We also hope to build a church which devotes itself to:
* Evangelism and Growth
* Excellent Teaching and
* Express itself in all spiritual gifts

We hope to be a church:
* That cares about and responds to the social needs of its members
* Whose people and leadership are diverse in culture and social position
* Whose members are like Jesus
* That has the great commission at its heart

Our Future

We aim to expand the church and find creative ways to bring God’s blessing on those who know Him, and those who do not know Him yet.